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to pick with a movie like citizen's king is that it portrays samsimian as a dark gloomy place. i don't perceive it as that. i presume it as light and illuminated. i see it as a creative outburst. >> as pleasant as wonderful as hurst tried to make life on the ranch he never got it the way he wanted to. he ran out of time and money. hurst made money only so he could spend it. william randolph hurst could not be president of the united states but he could buy whatever he wanted to have until that is the year 1947. >>> at the age of 74, wr hurst had bulldozed the most prosperous paper in the world. hurst couldn't save himself he was a brilliant newspaper technician but he was a willfully inept administrator. in 1947 he had to give up financial control of the world within a world that he had created. he had to stop buying and building. the unkindness part of all is when he started to start paying off the symbols and realities of his power. if he sold the newspaper in rochester new york as he did, that meant he could no longer billow out he message to that corner of the country. but the t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1